Moose Wood Crate Gift Basket Fun Food Unique Hunters

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Hunters Gift Basket Moose

Wood Crate




Unique Gift Basket







This Gift Basket Wood Crate

With the moose decoration

On it Would make a great gift for any Hunter

It is original and unique to Houseandcraft

the wood crate can be used after for

many things put a towel in it and serve

hot rolls, Desk supplies , nuts for xmas,Ect

Has fun labels on some items


Coffee Mug  (Can Vary )

2- Hunters Coffee

( Instant Coffee )

3- Moose Mud

( Hot Choc)

4- Moose droppings

(Box of candy )

5- Moose Munch

( Pop Corn )

6- Chuck Wagon Steak

( Beef Jerky)

7- Moose Bites

( Raisinets)

8 - Hunters Tooth Paste

(  Mints or Gum  )

9- Chocolate Moose

( Chocolate Candy Bar )

And More

Some items may vary according

to availability

All in this Unique Wood Crate

Cello wrapped with Bow

Check for other Items in my

Product Code: MOOE2


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